Transforming Youth, Inc.

Expose, Educate, and Encourage Youth

Board of Directors

Christopher L. Bazemore

Founder and President


     My name is Christopher Bazemore, one of two original founders of Transforming Youth, Inc. Our vision was founded on the principle to ensure that the youth have the ability to achieve excellence in a supervised and unsupervised environment. This will teach youth integrity in a non-controlled environment and how to work in groups or teams in a controlled environment.

     I am originally from Chicago, Illinois but spent majority of his childhood in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. After graduating high school, I served in the US Navy for 4 years as an ABF3 Leader on board carrier USS Constellation (CV64). Next, I then moved to Atlanta, Georgia and pursued my Bachelor of Science Degree in Technical Management at DeVry University and my Graduate Degree in Master of Business Administration. While in college, I received my first IT job for a Fortune 500 Company Hewlett Packard. While at HP, I noticed that I loved to serve people from a support standpoint. I was resolving employee’s computer problems and my love for that grew. However, as I became older, I wanted to serve in different capacities.

     As time pass, my love for people grew. I started to see how some inner city youth needed positive mentors, fathers and affordable resources to aid them in developing life skills. I started volunteering at an elementary school in East Atlanta where I decided my services, experiences, resources, time and capacity was needed to aid youth in developing life skills. I now have accepted full responsibility to aid in helping youth achieve lifelong skills through Transforming Youth, Inc.