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"I've observed and admired for years the impact on the youth that Transforming Youth, Inc. and Lisa Chambliss has made.  From providing positive exposure, encouraging involvement in various extracurricular activities outside of the normal activities offered in school, to coordinating college tours and international educational trips as well as advising the exploration of career paths, Transforming Youth, Inc.  thoroughly prepares the young people so that they are made aware of the vast opportunities available to them. Truly, it takes a village to raise a child and that's exactly what TYI does."

- Christina Sanders, Chief Creative Officer, Cover Girl Graphics


Throughout the years I've appreciated the work that Ms. Chambliss has done in the community for our youth. Transforming Youth, Inc. has nurtured the growth of our youth and opened their eyes to endless possibilities. I had the pleasure of working with Transforming Youth, Inc. It is great to see an organization passionate about the work they doing with children and young adults in the community. They are helping change the public's perception of young people from being "the problem" to an important part of making life better in the community. TYI, has opened their eyes to opportunities they didn't know existed. From mentoring, to teaching life skills, providing exposure, educating, etc. their service in the community is needed and I am eager to see what's next.

- Courtney Henry


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